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Your Marketing, Metrics, Analytic and Growth

New Promotion, New Client Engagement on Your Website

You have now taken the leap towards creating a new promotion to help promote your organisation to a wider audience, but what should you do now to get potential clients clicking through, noticing and sharing.

Promotional marketing campaigns should always have a purpose in mind. Your promotion might be needed to bring in new customers or to get repeat business from existing ones. Regardless of who you are looking to target, you need to have clear objectives that you can measure before starting a new promotional campaign.

The first thing to look at is how are you going to reach your target customers.

Social Media

In today’s business world most organisations are on social media. This is a great place to shout about your new promotion and get a wider audience.

Look at posting at various times of the day and you will then find out what times work best for your audience. The hours that get the best responses will be vary for different organisations.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram are the main social media sites that businesses use to share news about what they are up to. It depends on the nature of your business to what sites will work best for you. If you are a more visual business Pinterest and Instagram are great, but if you are more service lead then Facebook and Twitter are a good place to start.

Blog Writing

Writing a blog can be time consuming, but it will help drive traffic to your website. Write about your promotion, what it involves and how people can enter. Use buzz words and keep the blog interesting with visuals too.

The information on your blog also helps keep your website relevant and creates more content, which helps with your Google ranking and drives more traffic to your website. It can also encourage people to re-visit your website, therefore they won’t forget about what your organisation has to offer.

Email marketing

Building up an email list can be time consuming, but it can also help you build up a list of your loyal customers who are genuinely interested in your organisations products or services.

You can make your emails really stand out with a quality branded format. By spending a little time on designing a format and writing quality content, your email marketing can help you reach your target audience on a regular basis.

Email marketing is particularly important when you are running a promotion, as it is a way of talking directly to your audience and it feels more personal, you are personally inviting them to par-take in your promotion.

Was your campaign effective?

As your promotion comes to an end you need to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign. Did it help increase traffic to your website or create new customers and if so, by how much? Was the money spent worth the business it generated? How do you access this information and what do you measure it by?

This is where Green Arrow Consultancy can help you:

  • Develop a key set of KPI’s for your promotion;
  • We give honest advice, with care, to make sure you understand everything involved;
  • Our team will study user behavior during the promotion. We will advise on those finding areas that may not be working. Then between us we can discuss how to move forward and make changes with some new web projects.
  • We will analysis the performance of the promotion and format all analytics into a bespoke report for managers or higher management;
  • Benchmark your promotion with others in your industry sector;
  • Design validation – when your promotion involves the use a website, we need to make it work as a user expects, subject to the industry sector. It needs to be fun, so the user wants to use the site, but most importantly it needs to be simple and clear for the targeted users i.e. if your target audience is the youth demographic it will need to be different to that of an older demographic.

Any promotion is a major investment, not just with money, but in time too. You are putting your business out there in front of an audience and the business name/reputation you have built up is also put on the line if you don’t got things right.

After coming up with your promotional idea and using social media, email, blogging and word of mouth to drive your campaign, you need to follow a timeline and a logical sequence.

The importance of logic is essential in website design and when creating a promotional campaign. In society we like things to be logical, therefore be done in a certain way.  Although some people believe themselves to be logical and some believe they are not, psychologists say that all humans follow a logic. This means that when we are designing websites and creating promotional campaigns we must use logic; otherwise people won’t understand and the promotion risks a lower success rate.

It is very important post promotion to fully understand the successes and what things could have been done differently for next time around. Learn about the website traffic types, what traffic is the best for your website.

Please feel free to get in touch with us at Green Arrow Consultancy for further information on how we can help make your next promotion a success.

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