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What I Do

What I Do

Privacy By Design

Privacy by design is a major phrase we are hearing a lot of, its mostly for new projects, but could be used for large upgrades and much more, my key recommendation in this is to bring a privacy expert in to website development project from the start to avoid extra cost later.
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Phased Approach to Privacy

All companies can use the phased approach to privacy service I offer, however it was designed by me for smaller companies in mind, this said it could work for a large company, however you may prefer to look at Privacy management or services on retainer.
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Website Privacy Management

I have the upmost respect for all the new privacy laws that have come in and are coming in, some better then others, I have the skills , the passion and the experience to help you with management of your website privacy.
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Bespoke Approach and retainers

There will be times that you need someone like me to stay on a retainer for you for 6 months, 12 months or maybe longer, and in most cases I would be delighted to do so, and develop a long term relationship with your business.
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