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Website UX Web Design and Usability

What you should know about UX Web Design and Usability

When you are designing your website, user experience is one of the most important things that you can consider. Most businesses and marketing companies refer to use experience, or UX, as the main reason for their design strategy, website development and SEO goals. No matter how plushly designed a website, its pages will only become popular and in demand if it satisfies one area: how the user sees it.

If you cannot reach out to your potential customers to your website, how can you convince them that you will be able to meet their needs in other areas? Therefore, UX web design, and usability features designed to increase the user experience, are an essential part of any website.

Aren’t user experience and usability the same thing?

A number of big businesses have made the mistake of thinking that website usability and user experience amount to the same thing. However, UX as a website design principle is about more than just the end-user experience. While some experts in web design consider that usability is the quality ratio of the user experience, UX affects far more. Usability simply relates to how the system is used, and whether it is pleasant, while the UX involves providing magic to this basic groundwork. It will cover issues such as design, utility and website interaction between computers and persons, marketing, and even ergonomics. User experience is more than just design, and instead includes the architecture of the website such as site maps and wireframes. In addition, use experience is also about a long-term relationship with the website.

While usability can vary from visit to visit, the overall user experience should be a continuum, so that traffic and customers always associate your website with pleasurable visits and enjoyable experiences. 68% of customers who leave the website do so because they believe that the site owners don’t care about the user. The UX is a vital part of ensuring that your visitors don’t believe this about your website.

Do you need a UX upgrade?

If you are experiencing a low level of customer retention, or find that traffic bounces out of your homepage without staying too long, then you need to consider the benefits of a UX upgrade. Recently, more users have been accessing websites to a variety of different technologies, such as tablets and mobile phones, and many websites are not really up to speed with this change in the way that the world is viewed.

A poor mobile website can influence the user experience in a very negative way, and it can really affect how the customer perceives their relationship with the website. If you think that you need to boost your website’s UX, then you should talk to a professional web consultant who can offer you the advice and information you need for a serious improvement in how your users relate to your website. Seeking advice from a web consultant can help you to dramatically improve user experience and help you to increase customer retention.

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