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Website Translation for Pietercil Delby in Belgium


Website Translation for Pietercil Delby in Belgium

Green Arrow Consultancy was given the opportunity to work with Energizer as it prepared to work with Fox Films on an interesting and challenging project over the summer.

Energizers Needed a Team to Translate the Website

This involved assisting Energizer’s Belgium office on a website that needed to be fully translated into Flemish for the Belgium website. This was a full-on website for Energizer and its distribution partners Pietercil Delby to have ready for the large promotion to commence with Fox Films and a challenge which brought with it an urgent problem that needed to be solved quickly.

Time-Critical Issue in our Project

Whilst producing the website Energizer hit a time-critical issue which would have stopped them meeting their deadline, as the website needed to be complete in time for a promotion that they were running from mid-September onwards. The problem that occurred was in the translation of the site. The client informed me that they couldn’t get their usual translation agency to translate the content of the website in the languages needed. The new regional website needed to be completed on time and it wasn’t an option to slightly go over the deadline as the deadline was set for the 7th September – there was no other option, the Energizer promotion was going to start successfully.

The website was already around halfway through being built by GAC when Energizer and its distribution agency in Belgium Pietercil Delby had informed me that they were not going to be able to provide the essential translation work via its normal means within the time frame required for the project to meet its deadline.

Energizer in partnership with it distribution agency Pietercil Delby where left with a problem that they weren’t too sure how to resolve quickly. The clock was ticking and the new website needed to be ready for the start of the promotion which would be running through the autumn/winter. It wasn’t an option to not have the website translated and live for the beginning of the promotion, as promotional battery packaging was already in place in Belgium, therefore people would be coming to the website on the go-live date.

Our Job is to Make Everything Work in any Website Project

Their problem got me thinking. In the past, Green Arrow Consultancy had successfully worked with translators, who were internationally certified and could translate into 15 different languages. In the past, I had used them to translate website content, just like what Energizer needed for this current website project. Therefore, I put it forward to the Energizer team that Green Arrow Consultancy could assist and offer a solution which would provide the translation on time and well within budget.

The team at Energizer were more than happy for me to help solve this major problem, as it gave them time to work on other promotion work and by using my initiative it showed that Green Arrow Consultancy is always willing to tackle problems within a project head on and come up with a suitable solution for all stakeholder companies and agencies.

This Digital Project was Delivered Ontime and on Budget

This project was at times testing and I believe that it shows how GAC is a full digital partner to its clients and are always willing to go above and beyond to do whatever is in our power to make sure a client’s project runs on time and within budget. We have a vast amount of professional expertise and can leverage this to fulfil the most demanding of digital projects, including those with tight deadlines, like this website development and translation project.

This project had a successful outcome and the strict deadline of September 7th, 2017 was met. The website went live fully translated and GAC was more than happy to rise to meet the challenges of this website development and translation project, which lead to happy clients, making this another success between Energizer and GAC.

So, if you have a project that would benefit from the expertise of Green Arrow Consultancy, please get in touch and see how GAC can help your digital project successfully go forward.

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