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Website Management and Development

At Green Arrow Consultancy we will begin our journeyby having a chat with you about developing a customised marketing plan for your business. To ensure that we cover everything we will look at your business’shistory, future goals and your target customers. After we have taken everything into account, we will evaluate the best marketing strategy and conduct a competitor analysis which will look at your website’s structure and how easy people find it to navigate your site.

Once we have all the information in place and a budget to work within, we will create a detailed marketing plan, which will focus onour recommendations on how your business can benefit usingSEO, written content and automation.

We would love to work with you to put this strategy in place, although this will be up to you. The advantages of continuing to work with us at Green Arrow is the breadth of experience that you will have at your fingertips, that you can use to your businesses advantage. We can work with you on building a digital strategy which will include web design and development, email and social media marketing, SEO, paid searchcontent marketing and content creation.