Viral Marketing of Your Website and Business

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Viral Marketing of Your Website and Business

Viral Marketing of Your Business

Viral marketing over the years has come to mean many things to many people. When Facebook bought WhatsApp for £11.49 billion, the valuation and big money involved shocked virtually everyone. Considering the effect of WhatsApp to reach over 500 million users every month without anyone actually investing much into marketing, it’s the perfect example of a viral product. A real viral product has the power to spread due to the valuable service it provides users, their acquaintances, friends or family.

As such, viral marketing refers to business promotion through the use of ideas that self-replicate. It’s also the use of contagious advertising campaigns aimed at catapulting a product, service or brand into the presence of its public. Both small and large businesses have used viral marketing strategies to great success. Just a little thought into the content of the message and this aggressive form of digital marketing will work for anyone.

Your business and viral marketing

Virtually every business can make the most of viral marketing methods. Lots of strategies are involved, from mass media creative branding, sponsorship of public events to social networking. A business that’s clear about its target audience can incorporate viral marketing in its marketing strategies. In turn, this will replicate itself naturally among potential prospects. For example, a business with a new product that probably no one knows about can create enough recognition for the product by coming up with a well-developed viral marketing strategy.

New businesses with little or zero visibility

A start-up with little visibility can make the most of viral marketing too. There’s so much competition in most industries and occupations and start-ups might find it hard to find potential clients and compete with big businesses within the same industry. A perfectly pulled viral marketing campaign could get the business the passive attention it needs as well as full focus on its services or products. Follow-through strategies will in turn bring in lots of prospects.

Don’t depend on chance

Viral marketing particularly for businesses doesn’t depend on chance, such as Caitlin McNeill’s request to her Tumblr public to help her decipher the colour of her dress. BuzzFeed took the debate a notch higher by asking the entire globe to help settle the dress colour debate and the result was one of the most extensive viral campaigns; mentioning the dress to anyone literally came with strong opinions about the dress’s colour, anywhere. In terms of business it’s not clear if Caitlin turned the opportunity into a gold mine.

For a business, the viral effect propagates its products, brand or services and ensures the public knows what it offers. The strategy today is enhanced by the networking effects of the web through images, e-books, video clips, games, short messages and even brandable software if the need be. It’s all about ensuring there’s a valuable service or product that attracts attention in all available platforms on the internet and beyond.

You have to leverage on buzz…

Viral marketing is basically getting the word out there and driving lots of targeted traffic and interest either to your website or pieces of content. It must be followed by campaigns aimed at engaging customers with the product or brand, building and growing buzz while driving customers to an online store, video or website. Viral marketing for business today is all about leveraging on the different online resources available for the creation of a solid and comprehensive online presence. Each of the strategies has to drive the targeted traffic into your business or content. Per se, it’s not something anyone out there can do or any small business can pull through on its own without professional help.

Viral marketing experts

Today don’t go with a single channel to create the self-replicating buzz viral campaigns need. The dress that broke the internet had a natural process and it’s not clear whether the dress owner really made the most of the idea. The worst thing about viral marketing is that if it’s unguided the creator will not get much out of the resultant buzz.

With experts you can expect every strategy involved to have a measurable ROI. The unique viral marketing campaigns incorporated will match your business needs at a given budget that most likely will be affordable and agreed upon. Successful viral marketing techniques will drive all the traffic attracted to your company website helping to build your brand name, service or product.

Guiding the process to fruition

Trying to create a viral marketing campaign on your own will be a tall order considering experts use analytics and campaign reporting methods and all sorts of systems to get the campaign going and the fire burning. All sorts of methods are utilised by experts, from YouTube and seeding of viral videos, strategy and research techniques, digital PR techniques, user sharing and engagement, media buys and social advertising, contextual and search engine marketing, social bookmarking, forum threading and message boards, blog outreaches and much more.

At the end of the day, the message will be out there and your business will be the topic in various areas around the internet. Green Arrow Consultancy can help you do this right away.

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