The True Power of HashTags

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The True Power of HashTags

The Power of #HashTags

For those who are observant the hashtag has already taken over virtually every social media platform from Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to Google+. Back in 2007, Chris Messina introduced the hashtag to the world via Twitter. Immediately people around the world were learning about “#sandiegofire” through updates by Nate Ridder about the same time. By July 2009, Twitter had already incorporated hashtags into their code and terms were automatically hyperlinked with the hashtag sign.

Its ability to appear anywhere in a long or short sentence is phenomenon. With its ability to help categorise topics and keywords, virtually anybody who can access the platform can join the conservation. If you search “weekend things” for instance, lots of topics under that hashtag will appear, related or unrelated to “#weekendthings”. People are probably talking about weekend things but when a hashtag is added in front of ‘weekend things’, you’ll be connected to virtually everyone on the internet discussing that topic.
Hashtags are all about social media discussions and trends. Through certain letters, hashtags, text strings, phrases and keywords tracking conversations and topics is now very easy. A hashtag without a doubt is a wonderful opportunity and tool for any digital marketer and business owner to use effectively considering its power to strongly boost marketing campaigns on various social media.

Hashtags can drive people to your business

Modern technology and the proliferation and popularity of mobile gadgets from Tablets to Smartphones, is such that you can enhance the power of a hashtag to drive customers right into your local business. Think about a person tweeting about “its Friday #needadrink!”. That tweet would be picked easily and can be responded to and the person invited to a new club/pub that has just opened on a certain street with a reply such as “hey Joe, you in London? The Benbow pub just opened! Free bubbly for the first 100 people”. This happens in so many ways with so many people; use it to drive people into your hairdresser, computer repair shop or yoga training gym just by paying attention to trending hashtags.

Business specific HashTag

The evolution of the hashtag today has transformed it into a business specific tool that can be used by any small or big business within a specific industry. A Business based in Huddersfield can be specific about a service; the location will make it clearer where they are based (‘#bestcakesHuddersfield’ for instance). Anyone who is around the area and in need of such a service will be persuaded to request more. Customers and potential prospects can be engaged on social media perhaps for an oncoming marathon, fitness challenge by a gym or fitness centre in a world where most want to remain in shape.

Build Online relationships

A hashtag easily connects a business with topics and discussions people are having related to your brand. This gives business insights on the interests of targeted customers including what they are sharing and talking about in real-time. Simply click hashtags you believe relate to your industry or business and connect with potential prospects. As you interact with people through the topics you will build relationships and boost visibility, eventually turning the prospects into buying customers.

Boost brand awareness

Creating conversations and engagement on social media is key to any marketing campaign between a targeted audience and a business via content. In turn, brand awareness is enhanced increasing profitability and sales. At the middle of this are hashtags that facilitate such engagements. For instance, the ‘#givesyouwings’ Red Bulls hashtag was superbly crafted and became an instant hit with prospects on all social networks. Hashtag’s ability to generate brand awareness is something that can be enhanced.
Brand loyalty

With well targeted hashtags, businesses can target their audiences using well crafted and relevant hashtags offering a lot of insight on businesses, services, products and brands. They can help tell the history of a business to boost brand loyalty, such as celebrating business anniversary with a hashtag; gives people a feeling of having been with you all along and encouraging them unconsciously to increase their loyalty to your brand. The hashtag can be used to promote a video indicating how long you have come, such as the 40th anniversary commemoration of People Magazine on Instagram.

Popularise campaigns

Businesses also maximise on hashtags by using the name or title of their ongoing marketing campaign. Nonetheless, it’s important to know whether such hashtags already exist and how popular they are. If they exist, use a different one for the campaign.

Promoting campaign hashtags gives customers a chance to engage with the company or brand during the entire duration of the special offers being provided. Simply indicate that, to benefit from the offers the use of the specific hashtag is a requirement. A good example is a ‘#freecomputerclinic’ hashtag by a computer repair company celebrating 10 years of business or a new business that wants to introduce itself to its target audience.

Hashtags are important today and any business can use them. However, always research a hashtag before you use it for your business.

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