Is Social Media Worth the Cost?

Social Media

Is Social Media Worth the Cost?

Why Investing in Social Media is Important

With more and more people turning to social media to help them make buying or selling decisions, it is difficult not to agree that social media has a massive impact on general trade. With social networking, finding information and opinions of friends and advisors is only a matter of seconds. For businesses, there are many benefits to be derived from having a well thought-out social media strategy. With a good social media strategy, it is easier to strengthen customer relationships, build brand loyalty and improve credibility.

Information is power. At Green Arrow Consultancy, we offer information on how social media can be used to work things in your business’ favour. We also advise individuals and businesses on how to generate interest in their different social media channels. Contact us and allow us to help you learn how to use social media to take your business to the next level.

Here are some of the reasons why social media is an important part of a business’ marketing strategy:

Enhanced Brand Authority

Whenever someone compliments one of your products or services, it may lead that person’s friends or peers to want to sample the product for themselves. If many people are saying nice things about you or your products, your brand is likely to become more valuable for relatively new users.

Social Media is a Cheaper Marketing Strategy

It is a forum that is available to many people free of charge. Even when you have to pay to advertise in Facebook or other social media channels, it is considerably cheaper than say Google Adword Marketing. If you are starting a small business, social media might be a good place to start when spreading the word about your new venture.

Improved SEO via Social Media

Regular updates on a blog are no longer enough to give you a favourable SEO ranking. It is possible that social media presence is one of the parameters being used by Google to calculate rankings on the search engine.

Social Media Enhanced Customer Insights

With social media, you can gain some very valuable information from your customers. Some of the information can be about what they think about your products. Feedback goes a long way in guiding a business’ decision making.

More Conversion Opportunities

Social media gives you access to another whole world of new prospects. By interacting with them and talking about your product or service, you increase your chances of converting them into customers. Every time there is a positive conversation around the products you offer is an opportunity for you to convert someone into a customer.

Better Customer Service

Every opportunity you get to interact with your customers on social media is an opportunity to enhance the relationship between you and them. For example, if there is even the smallest complaint, act swiftly to sort out the problem. If customers are saying nice things, recommend even more products or services to them.

Increased Exposure to New People

Having a social media presence means that there are many paths online that lead people back to your website. This means that there are new opportunities for visitors to interact with you or your business. It then becomes only a matter of time before you convert these visitors into actual sales.

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