Secret Life of Pets Promotion for Energizer

Green Arrow Consultancy was asked by Energizer to do the website development work for a summer promotion which Energizer was running in partnership with Universal Studio’s and their animated film ‘Secret Life of Pets’. The promotion was being run across 13 countries within Europe and the winners would win a soft toy relating to the film. The promotion gave away over 20,000 ‘Secret Life of Pets’ soft toys throughout all the regions involved, which shows how successful this promotion was.

This project was very important to Green Arrow Consultancy, as it provided us with consultancy and development work over 2 months and then the project ran for a further 3 months. We were also very excited to be working on a promotion with Energizer, which also included Universal Studios.

At Green Arrow Consultancy, our part of this very exciting project was to develop the functions which were required for each individual website of the countries which were involved. Making this a challenging project was the fact that there wasn’t a standard by which each website functioned by. Therefore, for all the various regions we had to adapt each of the 13 regional websites to meet the requirements of the promotion and we worked with translators who were brought on to the team to help with the various languages that the content had to be put into.

Energizer PromotionAfter discussions with Energizer, we developed and integrated a Facebook app that the majority of the 13 countries could use. This Facebook app allowed users to enter the promotion in a quicker and easier way than if the user didn’t have access to a Facebook account. To make this workable we had to ensure that the promotional pages on Energizers websites were populated in a single click.

We were also responsible for the analytics and user behaviour for the online part of this promotion. We used studies and weekly reports, during the 3 months of the promotion, to allow for any minor edits which would improve the online section of the promotion.

There were many changes made throughout this project by Energizer and Universal Studios and myself and my team member Suchi rose to the challenge and ensured that all changes were made and that the strict deadline was met. This was a high-pressure project and there were other high end digital and non-digital agencies involved, who we collaborated with to ensure that the end result was exactly what the client was looking for.

Darren Tyler of Green Arrow Consultancy was very proud to have worked with the people that were involved in this project within Energizer and other 3rd party promotional agencies, who also worked on this promotion.
Working on this ‘Secret Life of Pets’ promotion was great fun, and dare I say it, I really enjoyed the film too. If you haven’t managed to see this film yet, watch it, as it’s not just fun for the kids!

Darren has worked with Energizer for several years now and has assisted in a number of projects. With this promotion, it was great to bring in some of the Green Arrow team to assist with the tight deadlines involved and with the amount of development work needed to get this promotion started for summer 2016. I personally thank everyone who helped me work on this project to make it the success it was for all involved.


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