Energizer Website Display Study

Energizer is not new to world first. The company started up in 1896 with the creation of the world’s first consumer battery and then in the 1950’s Energizer produced the first batteries for hearing aids and smoke detectors. Since then there have been many more achievements and we are sure there will be many more to come.

More recently Energizer has gone down the environmentally friendly path. It was already one of the world’s leaders with rechargeable batteries, but as they are not a company to rest on their previous endeavors, they looked even further into the future and produced the world’s first part recycled AA and AAA batteries called EcoAdvanced.

Having produced these new batteries, Energizer were of course keen to educate us all about what they had achieved and what the future of the EcoAdvanced range was going to look like. After adding content onto their website, in a very educational format, they were however disappointed with the low level of interest in the pages about the EcoAdvanced range. Whilst the product was selling well people where not engaging with the EcoAdvanced range via the website.

Green Arrow Consultancy at this point where already doing all Energizers website consultancy (in Europe) and maintaining their European website too. As part of our user behavior study, it was Green Arrow Consultancy who identified these website pages were not performing as well as they should and the public where just not connecting with this part of the website. We looked for a page that had a high volume of clicks and noticed that a charity events page on the site was doing very well. We therefore, recommended and presented draft layout designs to Energizer in late 2015, with this charity events page in mind.

During Energizers product update in 2016, we moved forward with the agreed plan to change the design/layout of this web page to something less formal and far more interactive.

Website User StudyUpon completion, these improvements worked and the issue of consumer engagement with the EcoAdvanced range via the website disappeared, as engagement rose by almost 5 times that of the old page format and the bounce rate has now lowered, which is something that we are very pleased about.

We were happy to have assisted Energizer at all levels with this project and the new format has since been used on their other flagship battery products.


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