Keep You Customers Happy, Repeat Business at a Low Cost


Keep You Customers Happy, Repeat Business at a Low Cost

For any business to survive in today’s marketplace they need to keep their best assets happy and that means providing top notch customer service. Your customers are your biggest asset and you need to ensure that they are happy with the service or product you are providing. Remember, if they are not they will tell you by shopping elsewhere and they could damage your reputation further by posting negative feedback online. With so many online websites for customers to vent their anger, you need to be careful and ensure that none of your customers feel the need to do this and the best defence is to ensure that your customers leave with a smile on their face when they deal with your business and any problems are worked out amicably.

You will find that the companies who go above and beyond with their customer service tend to do very well, think of Apple and Amazon on the global scale. They believe that good customer service is the key to their success.

It is tough out there and the marketplace has never been so competitive. But look at the positives from this, with a competitive market means plenty of customers are looking to purchase. Therefore, you just need to ensure that your business stands out from the crowd. Customers remember companies that are good to them and the less hassle that a customer has the more likely they are to go back to that brand again, especially if they were made to feel special through exemplary customer service.

So, you might now be asking what aspects of my business need to be looked at to ensure that my customers are happy and content. Well, in today’s digital world your business website and app need to work efficiently, and they need to provide your customer base with a seamless experience. This means that your website needs to be easy to navigate, content needs to be written in a way that explains your products and services in an easy to digest manner and payment needs to be straightforward (if your customers are paying online). Next, you need to ensure that your staff are trained to speak to your customers in a polite manner and be as helpful as possible, even when a customer may be angry. You need to be able to calm people down and successfully sort out any problems they are having, as, in the end, they will thank you for turning around a stressful situation for them. Your after sales service also needs to be top notch, as this is what will hopefully get that customer coming back again for repeat business.

Great customer service also helps build brand awareness. If you receive good service aren’t you likely to recommend that business to friends and family? Good customer service means that people will talk about your business in a positive way and word of mouth recommendations are still a very good way to grow a business, as nothing sells your product or service better to others than a satisfied customer.

Once you have happy customers you need to retain them, as this is the most cost-effective marketing solution for your business. It takes time and money to build up a relationship with customers and you don’t want to keep having to spend more of these valuable commodities reaching out to new customers when you can retain the customer base that you have worked hard to build up. Building up a personal connection with people is an important part of retaining people. Regular communication with your customers helps and with social media, emails, texts and Skype there really isn’t any excuse to not be in regular contact with your customers. Also, look at taking a genuine personal interest in their circumstances, this will make them feel special and of value. Once someone feels valued they are more likely to return to purchase from you again.

Hopefully, the above points will show you how vital great customer service is to any business large or small. If you would like to chat with us at Green Arrow Consultancy to ensure that your website and business app are enhancing your customers experience online, please feel free to contact us anytime. We can look at your online presence and help ensure that it is working as efficiently as possible and that your customers are getting a stress-free experience while using your website or mobile app.