Green Arrow Consultancy

Understanding Your Marketing Needs

Inbound Marketing

Here at GAC, we understand that your business relies on powerful online and offline marketing strategies to ensure that your business leads the way within your business sector. Therefore, it is vital to get your inbound marketing strategy right. This is a strategy which will look at gaining customers from your online content and then customers will come directly to you instead of you having to approach them.

With this marketing strategy it makes it easier for people who are actively looking for a product or service to find the best company that offers what they are looking for.

Once you have an idea about what will work for you with inbound marketing strategies you need to look at creating a marketing plan which we believe ideally should be kept simple but highly effective:

  • The first thing to focus on is what are your businesses goals?
  • Next look at who your target audience are and then use this information to create a strategy
  • Search Engine Optimisation is crucialforgetting your website to rank and be seen by the right people.
  • You need to focus on getting targeted leads, which can be done through using social media, email etc.
  • Crucially you need to convert leads to customers and then track your results and report on the findings.

You will need to look at creating a blog, social media accounts and be visible on search engines to drive organic traffic to your businesses website. Inbound marketing can be very cost effective and will save you money compared to the older fashioned marketing methods of cold calling, direct mail and costly press adverts.

Joining up to blogging and social media platforms should be free, but they will take you time to build up an audience and get people interacting. Once you start blogging and posting on social media you need to regularly keep the platforms up to date and be adding new relevant content.

If you don’t update the accounts on a regular basis it can hinder your marketing efforts. At GAC we can help you with your online content and do the research, content writingfor you. We can also ensure that the content is posted at the optimum times to help get you noticed online.