Helping Charity

Helping Charity Make It Online

The “Giving Back” Programme for Charity

As a business who helps shape the way that we view the world online, via our web consultancy service, we believe in giving a helping hand to shaping the future work that charities do for people on a daily basis all over the world.

In business you need to work hard and gain support from others within your community to succeed. Therefore, in my opinion, the world would be a better place if businesses, who were in a position to help local and international communities, gave something back to the society who supported them when they needed it.

Supporting Charity

At Green Arrow Consultancy we are lucky enough to be in the position to give a minimum of 10% of our profits to charity. We currently support the great work that the Red Cross, Food Bank and World Vision do within our communities and around the globe.

Personally, I work as part of a team supporting the local food bank. It is a team effort and, through talking to people at the local church, we have managed to raise the profile of the local food bank and the importance of giving food for collection. I enjoy helping people and seeing the difference that the food bank makes. The food bank isn’t a long term option and therefore it is important to listen to people and understand why the cannot afford food. There are a variety of reasons why people end up using their local food bank and it is important to listen to people before putting them on the path to receiving further help, which is very rewarding.

Working Online with Charities

Green Arrow Consultancy has worked with various charities in the past. We have ensured that their online web presence has had a positive impact on how people view them online and also on their fundraising efforts.

The Giving Back Programme is What We Call It, Supporting Your Charity.

The “Giving Back” programme is something we are really proud of at Green Arrow Consultancy. We thoroughly enjoy the varied work that we do for charities, especially seeing them succeed and grow.

If you are a charity, and you would like to work with us at Green Arrow Consultancy, we will give you up to 30% discount off all the work that we provide. All you need to do, is get in touch and have a chat with us about how we can help you.