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Helping Charity Make It Online

The “Giving Back” Programme for Charity

As a business who helps shape the way that we view the world online, via our web consultancy service, we believe in giving a helping hand to shaping the future work that charities do for people on a daily basis all over the world, and we have a strong vision to help support small business both in the UK on a local level but also with business all other the world. We want to give money to empower people.

In business you need to work hard and gain support from others within your community to succeed. Therefore, in my opinion, the world would be a better place if businesses, who were in a position chapter to help local and international communities, gave something back to the society who supported them when they needed it.

Supporting Charity

Green Arrow Consultancy aim to give at least 10% of profits to charity. We currently support the great work that the Red Cross, Food Bank, World Vision, Christian aid and one of my favourite due to how it trains and empowers local business owners we love supporting Lend with Care.

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Charities we are assisting

Working Online with Charities

Green Arrow Consultancy has worked with various charities in the past. We have ensured that their online web presence has had a positive impact on how people view them online and helped on their fundraising efforts.

The Giving Back Programme is What We Call It, Supporting All Communities And More!

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