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Energizer Summer Website Promotional Work 2017


Energizer Summer Website Promotional Work 2017

Multi-Regional Product Promotions via Website

At Green Arrow Consultancy, I am very proud of the fact that I work closely with Energizer across multiple regions within Europe and over the years I have built up strong relationships with the management teams that I work alongside. I have proudly been made to feel part of the team and therefore I was asked to work on some of their European website promotional work.

Developing the summer promotions with the German, Italian and UK regional teams

This year Green Arrow Consultancy has been involved in developing the summer promotions for the German, Italian and UK regions. Although these promotions may look similar there are some subtle differences which each region decided upon.

German Website Promotional Work

In Germany, the team decided to go down the route of ensuring that anyone who wanted to enter could do it completely through the ENR website. This promotion was completely digitally and managed by myself at Green Arrow Consultancy and it has been a project which I found very interesting.

Green Arrow Consultancy was responsible for the consultancy on analytics and website function. I was also involved in the promotional page development, the creation of the online entry form which consumers would use to input their entry, ensuring a seamless integration of Facebook, ongoing analytics and entry storage of data.

UK Website Promotional Work

The summer promotion that took place across the UK wasn’t indifferent to the German promotion. The prize here was to win a Volt-e bike and all the consumer had to do was purchase a pack of Energizer batteries and then within the packaging, there would be a code that they could input into the Energizer website to see if they were lucky enough to win. The Energizer website was integrated with 3rd party branding and promotional agency mini-site promoting the EcoAdvanced range of batteries.

At GAC I was heavily involved in this British summer promotion and Energizer entrusted me to customise cookies and track users, create ongoing analytical reports on a weekly basis, screen user behaviour to help identify any improvements that are required to the website and create a seamless integration of the website with an agency mini-site.

Due to the size of the promotion the Energizer team decided to seamlessly integrate an agencies mini-site, which meant having a 3rd party branding and marketing agency take control of data and prize draws. This meant that myself and the Energizer team had to work together with other agencies to ensure we gathered all the analytic data together for weekly checks and reports, which I found to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Italian Website Promotional Work

The Italians decided to take a different view on how to successfully bring their Energizer summer promotion together. Their competition was based on consumers entering to win 24 snap and touch Kodak cameras.

The Italians decided that the best way to go about setting up the competition online was to get customers go to the website and then have details on there of how to enter which would be to either enter by post or SMS.

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