Energizer Child Safety


Energizer Child Safety

With Energizer being one of the world’s main manufactures of batteries they understand the role that organisation’s like theirs have in educating society to the dangers that small batteries can cause to children. In today’s ever changing technological world there is an ever-increasing number of devices that require small batteries.

Web Consulting with Energizer in Singapore

Our consultant Darren is in regular contact with Energizers Singapore office. In August 2016, the topic of conversation between Energizer and Darren was on how to best make the data available to the end user on all small battery products. Energizer wanted to know how they could go about this from a development, and user point of view. 

After some lengthy conversations, Energizer decided to go ahead and contracted this new development work to Battery Child safetyGreen Arrow Consultancy. We added new pages which give advice on child safety, with regards to small batteries and this was added to all their European websites (28 regional websites). We wanted them to add video content, which they had a company work on and we added tabs to all the specialist battery product pages across the same 28 countries to make it clear to parents and we ensured that they could be easily well informed.

Web Consulting with Energizer in Singapore

Energizer put together a pack including copy and video for Green Arrow Consultancy to use on the new pages. We felt that it was imperative that Energizer struck a balance between the written word and video content, so that people had a choice of how to be informed and that the information was easily digested.

Child safety is extremely important and we are happy to work on projects where organisations take this very seriously.

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