Digital Consultancy

With a deep understanding of the complex relationship between technology, people and how businesses need these to work for them in the digital world. I can help your business be noticed and succeed in a competitive world.

I have more than  20 years of experience of working on digital projects which allows me to deliver radical improvements in the way that businesses use digital channels to achieve their overall objectives.

By identifying opportunities where improvement can be made in how digital channels and technologies are used within your business model, I can then look to get these working to deliver results.

As an independent digital consultant I believe in advising clients about the various strategies across the online and digital spectrum. By cutting through the digital jargon, clients achieve optimum results. This is achieved through consulting with clients on the vast opportunities companies have with the correct digital asset management. It’s important for businesses to understand the power of marketing and for them to see what digital assets they have and the most effective use for them. With the correct support I believe all companies can reduce their costs and at the same time increase the ROI of a website.

You will find that I am a hands-on problem solver with an appetite for new challenges. With a proven track record of proposing and executing business ideas and making them financially viable for large corporate companies to sole traders and start-ups.

Remember, all businesses have problems. Unfortunately, not all businesses have solutions.

But the businesses that work with Green Arrow Consultancy do.

By applying business knowledge to your marketing and looking at all the possibilities, together we can deliver a profitable digital solution to achieve your business objectives.

Website Consultancy

Find out what Energizer said about our Web Consultancy Service;

I am really pleased to be able to show you our reference from Energizer.

Energizer Group has reached out to Green Arrow Consultancy (GAC) for assistance defining our Household Batteries Digital Strategy following a recent agency review. GAC provided the following services which proved very helpful in developing our plans…

  • Analytics review: GAC completed a full independent review of our website, offering guidance to the Energizer Marketing team on performance compared to competitor brands and industry benchmarks in the digital space.  Our digital agency had been reporting month on month self-comparisons but without the broader external context. GAC opened our eyes to where we could and should be, thereby assisting in defining clear and measurable objectives.
  • Keeping abreast of current digital trends: Like many companies we have been focussed on key search words to drive SEO. GAC kept us informed in changes taking place within Google which impact the performance of our website and other digital assets.
  • Social Media: Following guidance and input from GAC we have changed our focus to Social Media as an engagement tool, developing a calendar of activity which can be executed across our international markets.

At Energizer Digital marketing sits within the Area and Regional marketing teams. Most of these teams have limited experience of digital marketing techniques, how to set meaningful measures, or how to hold multiple digital agencies to account. GAC provides a frank and honest independent point of view. All analytics will now be completed by GAC with comment and guidance notes for continuous improvement.

We see GAC as an important ally in our path of continual improvement in the digital space.

David Cautley

Area Segment Director Energizer Batteries – EMEA

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