Green Arrow Consultancy

Who is Darren?

I am an avid learner when it comes to privacy compliance rules, regulations and the amendments that it entails. I easily spend as much as 15 hours a week and sometimes even more, challenging myself and learning more about the different types of cases, new laws, penalties and best practise. This all I believe curves out a way I can help my clients to work through Data Protection Regulations, privacy and security.

Even before GDPR had been initiated, our company was managing over a 100 websites easily and helping companies achieve ethical working over the course of many years.

In terms of experience, for over 20 years I have been working closely with websites as I had primarily started out as of web developer. I have had close first-hand experience in training with other development professionals and over the years have expanded my skills to privacy laws and more.

I believe in “Keeping Learning” and constantly expanding my scope of work through being able to provide services that present value to consumers.

I have worked closely with brands such as Energizer Group for five years now as a independent digital consultant and in that time my responsibilities as grown several folds while being with the company.

I live in Wales and am blessed to have a splendid family. With God’s grace, I have been endowed with two lovely boys (well lovely most the time) and one girl (whos good all the time). My wife is a nurse within the NHS, They are my support system to keep making me work harder to help my clients provide the services they need.

I am a Member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals and have been trained through One Trust and am a Certified Cookie Consent Expert by OneTrust.

I have worked closely with major consultancy and website development companies all over the globe and have all the answers to your privacy needs however, it is imperative to state that I am not a legal expert. While I attempt to provide you with the best there is to offer when it comes to digital compliancy, I am certainly not a lawyer.

Privacy above all else has become my love and passion as my family members are brought to tears whenever I start speaking excessively about it. I have other passions as well as I take out time for reading theology, walks in the national park and helping others through “Lend with Care” to secure a better future by building their own business with assistance from Land With Care.