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Are You GDPR Compliant? Need Help?

Compliance Consultancy

When you run a business large or small, it doesn’t matter if you are trading millions or nothing at all, your website needs to be legally compliant.

All businesses need to notify the Office of the Information Commissioners and inform them that they are collecting data, which needs to be:

  • Used fairly and lawfully
  • Used for specific purposes
  • Used in a way that is adequate, relevant and not excessive
  • The data needs to be accurate
  • Kept only for a certain period of time
  • Handled according to people’s data protection rights
  • All data needs to be kept in a safe and secure location
  • Data cannot be transferred outside the European Economic Area without adequate protection.

If you want to ensure that your business is GDPR compliant, please get in touch with the team here at GAC and we will happily have a chat with you and talk you through how we can help ensure your business stays on the right side of the guidelines.