Have a Break its Christmas – Be Mindful!

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Have a Break its Christmas – Be Mindful!

Have a Merry and Mindful Christmas.

Slowly but surely, we are all getting more and more reliant on technology. Be it our laptop, tablet, smartphone or smart television.

The average family over Christmas will spend a large percentage of their time in front of a screen instead of interacting with their family and friends, therefore, forgetting what Christmas is truly about, making memories with others and spending meaningful time with one and other. Being present but sat in front of a tablet or smartphone doesn’t count as spending time with people.

Stresses of Christmas

Christmas is a very stressful time of the year and we don’t want to add to the stress by saying take away all your families digital gadgets and you might think that is a rather strange thing for a website development and consultancy company to promote, but do try and put the gadgets down and spend some quality time with the people you care about, as we all have plenty of time to spend online the rest of the year. Also, be mindful and think about using some de-stressing mindfulness methods to relieve the feelings of stress, anxiety, exhaustion and depression, so that you and your family all have a great Christmas.

What is mindfulness?

You might be wondering what is mindfulness? Well, in it’s simplest form it is when you pay full attention to what you are currently doing, live in the moment and take every detail in.

When you do mindfulness meditation you will focus on each breath that you take. Focusing on each individual breath in this way will in time allow you to focus on your thoughts as they come into your head and over time let the negative thoughts and stresses go.

Mindfulness is about not letting the stress in your life take over and you learn not to take negativity personally and rather just observe it and then let it drift away, as life is too short to focus too heavily on the negativity that comes into our lives.

If over the Christmas holidays you are feeling stressed. It might be the fact that you are having all your family over and you know debates and arguments will ensue, or you don’t really enjoy cooking, but everyone needs to be feed, and they have high expectations for this meal. Take some time out for yourself and go for a walk. Take between 15-30 minutes and go and get some fresh air. You don’t have to go anywhere scenic or quiet, just get out of the house and look at different things and see different people.

You can also spoil yourself a little and do something nice. This could be going for a warm bubble bath, have a little sleep, read a book, see a friend for a chat or go out for a coffee.

If you can’t spare the time for a walk or a bath etc., then look at taking some time out for just 5 minutes and take a breather. Find a quiet room and focus on your breathing and let your mind wander for a minute and then gently bring yourself back to being fully aware of your surroundings.

Mindfulness can really help with the stresses that Christmas can bring and will allow you to focus on the positives of the season.

Let us know if you manage to get your family away from the digital gadgets, even if just for an afternoon to have Christmas dinner or go for a family trip out. It would be great to find out what you did instead as a family and if it was time well spent or was it too stressful and you had to use some of the above mindfulness techniques.

Whatever the Christmas season has in store everyone here at Green Arrow Consultancy wishes you a Merry and Mindful Christmas.

Darren Tyler

Owner and Digital Consultant @ Green Arrow Consultancy