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Christmas Digital Marketing Campaign?

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Is Your Website Ready for the festive season?

Clients often ask, “when should I start to plan for my Christmas digital Marketing campaign?” and my answer is the earlier you start the plan it the better your digital marketing campaign will be.

If you look at the big department stores and brands, they start their Christmas campaigns not long after their summer promotions end. The summer promotions finish around the August bank holiday and then by the end of September the Christmas promotions start to be noticed in the shops or on the television. If you have an eCommerce website, then you should be looking to capitalise on what the industry calls the ‘golden quarter’ for businesses with an e-commerce website.

If you are in retail and have an e-commerce website you need to be planning ahead for Christmas delivery times, offers and promotions and any website redevelopment, so that everything is in place for when the golden quarter begins in October.

Nearly every campaign will run into some problems in the planning stage and this needs to be accounted for within your campaign timeline. Any redevelopment work can take a few months of preparation and there will always be some deviation from the original plan which needs to be accounted for.

Christmas is the time of the year to look at engaging with your audience on social media. Look at engaging with them about anything that you feel connects your business to the Christmas market. With festive content, you need to be creative, have fun and engage with your audience. Get back to their questions and look at what they are talking about and try and put in some topical posts.

You could also look at getting into the festive spirit and run a Christmas competition. The prize could be a festive hamper or your best seller. Ensure that you have rules which will help to increase engagement with your social media platforms and website. This could perhaps involve anyone entering having to share the post with their friends or tagging their friends in. You could even run a photography competition where people must get creative and share a photo with their friends and have your competition as the tagline. Always ensure you check the rules of the relevant platform and abide by them when running a completion.

After you have settled on the promotion that you are going to run and have it all planned out and it is ready to go, the other very important part of any promotion is to generate data from it. Your online marketing efforts for your promotion will be able to provide you with a vast amount of data through analytics. Many savvy e-commerce companies and retailers use analytics to provide them with vast amounts of data during the critical Christmas shopping season. This data is used to help the business increase sales, target customers in a better way, improve reach and keep a competitive edge against the competition. Data is used to analyse everything from tweets, reviews and Facebook likes. This data is then used to find out what platforms the company should be using to generate the most interest in their promotion. As with everything, this data tends to be at its most valuable to you the earlier that you have access to it. If you start to analyse user behaviours and the various other forms of data in October/November your promotion is more likely to be successful than if you start to look at the data in December.

At Green Arrow Consultancy we also like to encourage our customers to use tracking codes. You may be asking ‘What is a tracking code?’ Well, analytics tracking codes are simply JavaScript that collects and sends data to analytics from a website.

A tracking code allows you to see what users do after they’ve clicked on your website or promotion. It is a snippet of code that you need to install on your website to track conversions. You can track actions that are important to your business such as a sale or a new lead. This will help you see how successful your promotion truly is.

When running a Christmas promotion there is a lot to think about. You need to look at generating data now and finding out what platforms are best for your business and where your target audience is early, so you can hit the ground running in December and create a more successful festive promotion.

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