10 Things You Need To Know About Facebook

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10 Things You Need To Know About Facebook

With over 1.65 billion Facebook users worldwide, Facebook is not just a way of connecting with friends; it’s a powerful business strategy and global tool.

While many of us can’t imagine lives without Facebook, it has only been in existence since 2004. Initially used as just a way of keeping in touch with those of similar interests it has grown into something much more powerful.

Social media helps business branding, create impactful advertising campaigns, engage customers and even earn you money, but what do you really need to know about Facebook? Here we look at the top ten facts you need to consider.

Facebook is coined under the term ‘social media’, but this doesn’t just mean your social circle, it allows all users (including businesses and corporations) to interact with their customers to create and to share content. Facebook is now one of the most effective inbound marketing strategies used by businesses, so how do you maximise its potential? By knowing these ten important facts.

1. Bots are the future

Using Facebook Messenger, businesses can create automated “bots” to complete services for their users. At the moment, bot responses are limited, but the social media giant is working the make them more engaging and easy to use. This allows consumers easy access to your service, whether it is making a purchase, dealing with an enquiry or quoting for a service plan and additional features. This could be an interesting way to expand businesses and create further revenue methods to increase profits.

2. Increase Your Security

Incredibly, 600,000 hacking attempts are made to Facebook pages every single day. The shocking statistic shows how important it is for you to use a good password that you change regularly. If many people are  to use your business’ social media accounts to post for the business, then it is a good idea to set login approvals, these will help to keep you informed anytime your account is logged into from an unknown web browser.

3. 64% Of Users Access Facebook Daily

While some think of themselves as Facebook addicts, 64% of Facebook users access the site daily, if not multiple times throughout the day. With over one billion active users, that is a lot of traffic every day which means information is fast moving. Making sure your message does not get lost in the vast ocean of information, means that regular content and posting frequently is key.

4. You Can Post To Facebook From Twitter

Social media marketing is fantastic as it sees great results and is free, what does need to be considered is the resources needed and time spent to be factored into the cost. Luckily, there are ways of speeding up your social media time. Every time you post to Twitter you can enable it to post directly to Facebook too. It’s never been so easy to kill two birds with one stone.

5. 69% of consumer internet traffic is for videos

Videos are growing increasingly necessary for every social media marketing campaign. People find it much easier to engage with videos, and this is clear from the above statistic. Facebook have also cottoned on to this fact and ensure that all videos are set to autoplay. So, if you have something to say, make it into a video.

6. Facebook Thinks The Future Lies In Live Videos

Already videos are a huge success in engaging users, but Facebook is seeing how live videos are having a greater impact. Facebook has noticed that people watch live videos longer than traditional videos and live videos receive ten times as many comments. You can be really inventive with live videos, even being able to stream from drones.

7. Over 1.3 billion Access Facebook Through Mobile Devices

Mobile is the most common way that people access social Media, which is important to make your strategy incorporates the mobile user. While Facebook enables mobile usability on their site, make sure that any links you publish or content you use is mobile friendly, to get maximum exposure.

8. Visual Content Is important

Facebook content with pictures, graphics, animations and videos receive up to 94% more views. So, if you have something to celebrate or a new campaign to roll out, ensure there are pictures, infographics and videos to help you engage and inspire users.

9. There Are Ideal Times To Post

It is estimated that posting information between 1 pm and 4 pm receive the best click-through and share rating, perhaps during the post-lunch lull at work? There are ways to analyse the best time to post based on your user’s activity so that you can ensure maximum exposure.

10. Ads allow you to PPC or PPM

Depending on your business and your level of exposure, Facebook allows you to pay per click-through or pay per mille (per 1,000 people who see your ad). There are costs and benefits for each option, but it is a great to cater for all business strategies and ad campaigns.

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