10 Things to do on Social Media to Help Your Business

Social Media

10 Things to do on Social Media to Help Your Business

Social Media and Your Business

While it’s impossible to argue about the importance of social media to the growth of a business, it important to also realise that not all social media channels work for all types of businesses, with so many options out there, determining whether to use Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter for your business can seem very overwhelming, even for myself I struggled to decide where I would best spend my limited time and energy.

Understanding the objectives of your social media strategy is the first step towards choosing the right social media channels for your business. The best channel is the one that is linked with the accomplishment of your key goals.

Here are ten things you can do on social media to help your business:

1 Align Your Content with Your Message

Having a strong social media presence is not all about “likes” and “follows”, whilst I do except it is an important key performance indicator (KPI). It’s important your content and your brand identity should fit, if your content is the polar opposite of your brand, it will serve your brand no purpose. Try and have a little fun along the way, but remember what you think is funny may not be the same for all your clients, and potential clients, so it is important to look at what you’re going to post before you hit the button, just to make sure it’s not going to upset of backfire on your business in anyway – there are some great stories online about large brands that had social media backfire on them.

2 Don’t Focus Too Much on Popular Content

There are certain types of content that are crucial in giving your brand credibility in the market. Although the content does not necessarily get that much attention in the early days, it is great for building the foundation of your business, and can also influence SEO. Don’t shy away from popular content, but limit it to a post a week, you want users to see your social media and you business as being experts in the business sector your part of, and not at adding gossip from TV shows and so on, your users can get that anywhere!

3 Stay Consistent in Social Media

For a social media campaign to bear fruit, consistency is the key. Have a well-defined plan of what you intend to post and how often and stick to the plan, unless there is a very good reason to change on any given day. Being consistent is what keeps your following engaged.

4 Adjust Content to Fit the Different Platforms

If you have multiple social media channels, you should optimise your content to fit each site. If you recycle the same thing across all sites, you will not be doing your brand a lot of good. Your LinkedIn posts should be long, Instagram is for photos ant tweets are supposed to be short and to the point.

5 Know the networks that work better for you

Not all networks work the same for you. When you know that a network is a perfect fit for your business and customers, use it to the maximum. It is better to have the one active social media account on Facebook for example, then to have 5 social media networks and 4 of them are not active.

6 Prioritise converting follows and likes into concrete sales

As much as you want to increase your social media following, at the end of the day it’s all about how many sales you get out of it, if we are honest. Find the perfect balance between the popularity and the serious side that boosts your business’ reputation.

7 Use Social Media to Increase Your Reach

The best marketing plans are the ones that use the various available options. Social media is a tool that adds to your other marketing efforts. If you have been under utilising social media, start making more use of it. You may be surprised what new avenues of leads you could get from the likes of Facebook, Twitter or even LinkedIn (and others).

8 Stay Informed about Social Media

Social media is always fluid. The hot topic, or even the hot social network at this moment may not be so hot the next moment. Staying informed will help you in planning your moves and staying ahead of the competition.

9 Have a Social Media crisis plan

It happens, every business has had something negative happen at some point. In the days of fast social media, you must be prepared for a crisis, being prepared keeps you sane if a crisis occurs. Develop a plan of action and guide your staff on how to go about it. Knee-jerk reactions in times of crisis can cause even more damage.

People (your clients) are more understanding than you think most of the time, but if you bury your head, and social media user notice, your crisis will be 100x worse and I expect would have an impact on your business. Check back in a few weeks as I think I will type up an article on social media crisis planning, what to do in a social media crisis that has the potential of causing harm to your business.

10 Be Open to feedback

Social media continues to be the medium of choice when it comes to real-time customer interaction. Always be ready to engage and have conversations with your customers, never turn the other way, and don’t get all defensive if the customers comments are not 100% as you would like them. You will be amazed how often customers will be trying to help you in a constructive way, encourage feedback and even reward customers for it.

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