10 Reasons To Use An SEO Expert, Not DIY

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10 Reasons To Use An SEO Expert, Not DIY

SEO is increasingly important in marketing to boost business branding, engagement and awareness but why is it important to use an expert in SEO rather than do it yourself? Here are the top ten reasons why.

1. Ever-Changing Algorithms

What’s important in SEO one day, may be further down the pecking order the next. Google and other search engines are constantly updating their algorithms which mean that different factors come into play at different times. When running a business is stressful enough, there is barely enough time to conduct SEO, much less stay on top of its constant changes. An SEO Consultant is there to keep their eye on the ball for you and make sure your business is ready for the next algorithm change

2. SEO Experts Have Tried and Tested Methods

There are so many theories that circulate on the web as to what the best methodologies for SEO are. Most of these methods are merely speculative and often false. SEO experts have tried and tested methods that have had proven success and work with clear objectives on how best to optimise a website. Instead of hours researching for a fruitless return, an experienced SEO consultant will know all of the tricks of the trade.

3. A Multitude of Skills

SEO consultants generally offer a variety of skills and techniques to help your business, from keyword research, optimising web pages, design new web pages, build keyword rich content, submit websites to major search engines, build links as well as provide monthly reports and track web traffic. An SEO strategy needs to be all-encompassing to enable success, to do this takes time, knowledge and skill and while DIY can work in some aspects, the strategy will fail unless it’s all encompassing.

4. SEO Experts Can Give Long-term Results

Many people believe SEO is a quick-win strategy that provides instant results; it isn’t. SEO provides a good solid foundation upon which your online business will steadily climb to be high ranking and successful. Using SEO experts means that long term results are attainable, with minimal effort, allowing you to enjoy running your business.

5. SEO Doesn’t Just Mean Rankings; It Means Better Usability

While SEO does help to improve search engine rankings, the strategy isn’t just based on the best search terms (although it does help). Search engines rank sites based on their usability. If you have put blood, sweat and tears into your site, it can be difficult to see your website objectively and how the user views it. Using an SEO expert gives you an objective opinion based on good user signals and integration.

6. Get Local To Get Global

Local search is critical for local businesses; consumers are continually using local search to find the nearest business and to gather location information. Google suggest that 50% of users that conducted a local search went to the business on the same day. So, for increased sales, an SEO expert can make sure that your site is completely optimised for local search.

7. Over 70% of Clicks Happen On Page One

If you want your business to gain big exposure, it needs to be on page one of the search result. Over 70% of users will click on one of the sites on page one, so if you’re not on there, you are losing out to your competitors. While no SEO agency can guarantee you a top ten exposure, they certainly have experience in getting other clients there. Properly and professionally optimising your site is vital to achieving top rankings and often this is better left to the experts.

8. Save Money On SEO Tools

To conduct SEO strategies in-house can often be very expensive, you have to subscribe and pay for tools and software. With SEO experts, they already have the latest and best resources to hand to conduct all of the legwork for you, without costing you for the tools or for the time it takes trying to learn how to use the tools effectively.

9. Return On Investment

SEO is one of the most cost-effective ways to market your business, so even by outsourcing this work, the ROI is sound. SEO quickly pays for itself, so this shouldn’t be a side of the business that you scrimp on.

10. Save Time in Your Business

Your business should be enjoyable to run, and you should spend your valuable time and energy in developing the best business that is enjoyable to run and successful. To grow your business, it’s best to outsource your SEO work to leave you to developing the important matters, like business strategy. Once you have clear objectives, the SEO consultant can work with you to build your goals into an SEO plan.