About Us

After working for other organisations and top agents within the UK I decided to set up Green Arrow Consultancy to ensure that large and small businesses get the most out of the available digital technology.

At present I don’t believe businesses are using digital assets in the most productive way. By hiring a consultant with my breadth of knowledge and experience the improvements I make to a business will equal or exceed any initial investment.

With every client I work with the aim is to expand their knowledge of how the internet can work more efficiently for their business. This is achieved through consulting with clients on the vast opportunities companies have with the correct Digital Asset Management.

It is important for businesses to understand the power of marketing and for them to see what digital assets they have and the most effective use for them.

With the right support I believe all companies can reduce their costs and at the same time increase the ROI of a website.

Services I provide to help businesses succeed are:

Digital Asset Management

This is where I study a company’s digital assets and make recommendations on what KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and metrics should be monitored.

Web development management

If your business is looking for a bespoke and tailored design or require a full e-commerce website I can create a site to fit, all your requirements.

I offer a range of services from the big and mighty to the small and delicate coding, which is required to add a little spark to your website.

Property Website Development

Since I started out in web development 20 years ago I have enjoyed spending time working on property websites. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small start-up looking to prosper in this highly competitive market or you’re already a property powerhouse looking to upscale. Get in touch to see how I can help you!

E-commerce Add-ons

The world of e-commerce can be tough at times. Thousands of sites are all looking to grab the same handful of clients. That is why I’m here to help your business stand out! Is there a feature that you have seen on a larger corporate website that you would to use on your website? Maybe there is a trick that you have found that the big boys haven’t. Green Arrow Web Design will assist you in crafting your perfect add-on at a very reasonable price.


I am really proud to be helping UK businesses grow online by using the internet to really push their businesses forward.

With a number of tools that will enable you to not only acquire new customers, but to KEEP them on your pages too.

And as SEO adepts, I will always be one step ahead of the competition, providing you with tried-and-tested methods to get the best results when it comes to on and off-page SEO. In fact, I can:

  • Offer a number of SEO solutions regardless of the size or type of your business
  • Provide excellent customer service every step of the way
  • Help to increase the visibility of your pages on search engine rankings
  • Help your pages generate more leads, conversions and sales

Help your business generate bigger profits