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Why design is the best salesperson for your ecommerce website

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Your ecommerce Website Design

If you’re looking to please customers with your ecommerce website (and you should be – happy customers are buying customers!) do you know the best way? Good website design is actually the best salesperson for your ecommerce website, and for several very good reasons.

The design of your website speaks volumes about your business

Good website design is a fantastic advertisement – as good as any salesperson – for your business because it shows professionalism, creativity, dedication and many other positive attributes that reassure customers.

Customers are often driven to buy by subtle drivers – often unconscious – such as good copy, nice complementary colours, ease of navigation but all covered by good website design.

Good website design makes an ecommerce website easy to use

Please don’t make the mistake of thinking good website design is just about the colours and fonts on your ecommerce website. By implementing the latest website design standards , your ecommerce website will be more pleasurable for your users.

What’s the main aim of your ecommerce website? To turn viewers into paying customers.

So anything that encourages a viewer to navigate through the ‘buyers journey’ (see – click – buy) as simply and hassle-free as possible will increase your sales. Good website design encourages buyers on an ecommerce website, remember that.

Conversely, bad website design conversely makes viewers leave without buying and jump to other better designed ecommerce websites.

Implement Good Website Design

How do you implement good web design on an ecommerce website though?

Of course, you can set up an ecommerce website yourself. You can buy a template that you like the look of, and with a bit of web hosting you’ve potentially got a winning ecommerce website on your hands.

In reality though, you’ve perhaps got a losing ecommerce website on your hands. A website that looks the same – or worse – than your competitors’ websites or perhaps even is less usable or more difficult to navigate.

Without a doubt, the best way to ensure good web design on an ecommerce website is to use a website designer or coder that’s familiar with all the latest web design standards, trends and features.

Conclusion: good website design is the best salesperson for your ecommerce website

Think about this from a viewers’ point of view (literally). A site that looks fantastic, is a joy to navigate and use, and is warm, welcoming and friendly will promote a sense of wellbeing that’s likely to increase conversions and sales.

Think of good website design as a salesperson for your ecommerce website, one that is consistent yet always available, speaking about the positive attributes of your ecommerce website whilst gently nudging and coaxing viewers to buy.

Is Your Business Website Design Selling your business?

However, unlike a salesperson, you don’t need to keep paying a salary, or worry about them finding another job and not performing. Good website design is done once, and functions perfectly day in, day out without any further drain on your finances, whilst at the same time increasing revenue from your ecommerce website.

So ask yourself – is the website design of your ecommerce website selling your business or sabotaging it?

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