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What is WordPress? and Why use WordPress

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With regards to features, versatility, and security, any of the content management systems cannot beat WordPress. It is the most versatile CMS that can help you or your developer in developing and managing a website.

If you want to design a custom blog or a business website, this tool is the ideal and many developers will use it as the foundation to almost any new website development.

Give us a Chance to Discuss Some benefits of WordPress

Effectual Content Distribution Engine

When you use the WordPress platform appropriately, it works as a content conveyance engine and augments your website’s search engine ranking. This technique helps engines to find your web content within days sometimes; you will find if content is written well your get a nature boost in rankings for the likes of Google.

WordPress has Array of Plugins

It gives a variety of module, and most considerably, they are all free in their standard form, and cut a lot of time from website development if you’re using a 3rd party website development, you can do it naturally utilizing these modules. All you require to do is merely download the essential modules and fit them on your site.

WordPress is easy to Use

It is a designer-friendly content management system. Web designer and developers can download and install it without any unpredictability. Once the installation procedure is complete, you or your developer can log into your account and start adding new pages, content, navigation bar and so on. It is important to say that to get a truly stunning website you should always consult with a web designer / developer. Using a developer will also help you to keep your WordPress website up to date which is really important.


WordPress is Very safe

Hackers frequently attempt to steal confidential data from websites. WordPress comes with security features to help keep hackers out of your website, however it is important to keep these security features up to date or like all software you must keep the system up to date, I know I have repeated this a couple of times within this blog, but the number one issues people these days have is out of date website scripts that hackers come across and then your client details and brand image is at risk.

Getting Help Is Easy

Web developers all over the globe use WordPress, and you can find ingenious tutorials on the web. There are also a significant number forums to help you out. Green Arrow Consultancy are always on hand to help our clients for both one off jobs or long term support and maintenance for WordPress websites.

The Conclusion on WordPress Websites

WordPress website development is a fast and cost effective way to develop your new website (business website or charity website, even a personal blog).  If you are not an expert, then you can hire a designer / website developer from a trusted digital agency such as Green Arrow Consultancy. It is almost a guarantee that you save money in the long run, gaining a ROI which of course is what we all want.

With a WordPress website the platform is well know by developers and digital agencies it makes it easy to switch agencies if needed in the future.

Why not talk to Green Arrow Consultancy about you your WordPress website and how we can assist you in both the short term and long term from designing your new website all the way through to SEO and Analytics and so much more.