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The Beauty of WordPress Website Development

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WordPress is supported by many developers, it is easy to use and has lots of useful features. Recently the number of users, developers, programmers involved in the development of WordPress has increased to an enormous number. WordPress has been viewed as a superior content management system (CMS) to support users to create many different types of websites such as blogs, news websites, e-commerce websites, even websites with high complexity such as hotel reservations, car rental, real estate projects, etc. Almost every kind of website with small and medium size can be deployed on WordPress platform.

But that does not mean WordPress is only suitable for small projects, but now there are about 25% of websites on the list of 100 largest websites use WordPress source code. For example, TechCrunch, Mashable, CNN, BBC America, Variety, Sony Music, MTV News, Bata, Quartz, even our very own client Energizer etc.

So What Makes the Beauty of WordPress Websites?

Large Number of Plugin Support

The plugin can add to your website the functionality you need. For example, after setting up a WordPress website there is the ability to display related articles underneath each post, but with many free plugins you can easily add extra functions, there are also many paid plugins that offer unique and useful features to the website of course cost can vary with complexity.

Easy for Developers and People Who Know about Website Developing

If you have knowledge about developing a website and proficient in HTML, CSS, PHP, then you can expand your WordPress site in any ways you like. The development is also simple because WordPress is an open source so you can understand how it works and create more features should you have the experience. If you do not have the skills to develop WordPress yourself then due to it open source and easy code nature your find that your website development cost will be much lower than other platforms or full bespoke development.

Mobile-friendly Website

A website these days must be user-friendly and compatible with all smartphones and tablets, if not your website will fail. WordPress by default is mobile-friendly, responsive and cross browser compatible.