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Property Website Design and Development

For any estate agent business, whether rental or property sales, to be successful, it must have a proper, easy-to-use website. I started my web career as a website developer for a overseas property company, back 20 years ago now, I have to admit I have a little bit of a soft spot for Property website development. I know what it takes to come up with a good estate agent website or property rental website. At Green Arrow Consultancy we go out of our way to offer features that are specific to websites in this line of business and stay ahead of our competition in terms of quality of service. Remember we are not just a website design agency but a full services website consultancy business, so cover all you and your estate agent website needs for both development and marketing after build.

For businesses that buy websites from us, we offer consultancy. Our goal is to ensure that our clients get real value for their money. When doing website design for estate agents, we understand that every business has its own unique needs and that at the end of the day every business aims to get a return on its investment. That is why we tailor our products to meet clients’ specific needs.

Here are some reasons why it’s time to develop a new easy-to-use website for your estate agent business:

1. Round-the-Clock Accessibility to Your Properties

Even when the doors to your offices are closed, clients can still access your services through your website. From the comfort of their homes or offices, your clients and businesses can send or receive information or services from you through the website.

2. Convenience for Property Buyers

Most smart estate agent businesses realise the importance of properly functioning property websites and have their own sites where their clients can find the information or services that they need. A website is also a great medium for business-client interaction using social media and other chat options.

3. Credibility of Property Agency Business

By developing a website, your get an opportunity to tell potential clients why your estate agent business is the real deal, the best! It is a fact that most people will browse the internet for services before visiting any business premises, often with a website the client never needs to go to an office, this gives your estate agency more time. With a website, you create an online rapport with your clients which greatly boosts your credibility.

4. Marketing an Estate Agency Business

A website is one of the best marketing tools that a business can have. This is because some of the most effective marketing and promotion strategies are done online in the modern world. With a website, you are able to communicate directly with your clients about your properties and services, across multi online platforms, such as search engines, Facebook, Twitter and many others.

5. Links to Your Website

When it comes to viral marketing, links are crucial. The more sites you have linked to you, the faster word can spreads about your company. A good website that has good content means that your website is linked to many others because those website find your content valuable.

6. Long-term Client Relationship

A website is a great opportunity for you to gain a loyal base of clients who will help in growing your business. Apart from the people who will pop in at your office once in a while, many people will find the information they need on your website and make the appropriate decisions by themselves.

The Bottom Line for an Estate Agent Website

When it comes to developing estate agent websites and property rental websites, the quality of our work is impeccable. The websites we develop have top-notch Content Management Systems (CMS), unlimited property options and XML file uploads. We also add customised options as per your specifications. Such options could include the option to receive money online from people needing to advertise property online, or rent a holiday property online (just a couple of examples).