Digital Marketing in the Charitable Sector

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Let us Help Your Charity Online

In today’s digital world organisations understand the importance of their online presence. For charities, this is especially important with the rise of people choosing to donate online.
Digital marketing within the charitable sector has rocketed in recent years. Charities, such as the NSPCC, have embraced this new form of marketing and have chosen to give their website users an easy to use website experience. Their website is very visual, uses human faces to bring empathy and the human touch. The call to action button is also very visible, as the ‘Donate’ button is one of the first things you see when you visit their website.
Remember your website is your shop window and it is where you can highlight your charities values, challenges, work and goals.

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Just like the NSPCC website you need to have a notable call to action button. This lets people know how they can help and it makes the donation process as easy as possible. You also need to ensure that all the vital information is clearly presented and easy to access. By having a visible ‘Donate’ button, it lets people know what is required of them in order to help.

Memorable Online Campaigns for Charity

Charities in the 21st century don’t just rely on a website presence. With the rise of social media there has been some memorable on-line campaigns. Remember the ‘The Ice Bucket Challenge’ or the ‘No make-up selfie’?

But, not all charities have an in-house marketing team who is constantly working on the next campaign or website. For smaller charities their budgets are more limited and will be tighter than that of the larger charitable foundations.

Green Arrow Consultancy offer 30%* Discount for Charities

We understand that many charities work on tight budgets and therefore at Green Arrow Consultancy, we are more than happy to work with the charitable sector at a 30%* discount.

Digital marketing is important in ensuring that a charities message is heard. With over 195,000 charities in the UK it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Our team at Green Arrow Consultancy can work with your charity to make sure that people see your cause while searching online. By spending time working on your SEO we can look at getting your website to rank as highly as possible, so that your charity appears when people search for relevant terms.

Website Analytical Studies

We will also use analytical studies. This will help us see what visitors do when they click on your website. By looking at this data it will give us a better insight into how user friendly your website is and it will also highlight any problems that may be occurring. These problems can then be sorted and we will work on ensuring that your site is as user friendly as possible.

With a tighter budget, we understand it is extremely important that every single penny is put to good use. We need to ensure that the charitable message is spread as far and wide as possible for fundraising goals to be achieved, so that the people who need the charities help, get it as soon as possible.

Is Your Website Working for Your Charity?

If you feel that your website is currently under achieving and letting your charity down, please feel free to get in touch and have a chat with us. We can discuss your requirements, budget and take an in-depth look at what is going wrong with your current site or digital marketing strategy.

The “Giving Back” Programme for Charity

As a business who helps shape the way that we view the world online, via our web consultancy service, we believe in giving a helping hand to shaping the future work that charities do for people on a daily basis all over the world.

In business you need to work hard and gain support from others within your community to succeed. Therefore, in my opinion, the world would be a better place if businesses, who were in a position to help local and international communities, gave something back to the society who supported them when they needed it. As part of our Giving Back Programme for Charity we discount work to charity by 30%*

Supporting Charity

*Green Arrow Consultancy offer upto 30% discount, subject to availability of our analytic, seo experts, developers and web consultants time. We also review each case on its own merits.

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