Making a Website Work

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Does your Business Website Really Work?

In today’s changing world where technology is king, your website has become one of your business’s most powerful assets. It is your businesses shop window, which is open for the world to see 24/7 and should be bringing in regular traffic and sales.

However, with the speed that the technological world changes at, we regularly find the must have gadget of today, will be yesterday’s news within a very short space of time. This is the same with websites. What feels fresh and new today will feel old fashioned and outdated within the blink of an eye.

The Website User Experience

The experience that your website gives to its visitors is vitally important to how well your website will work for you in gaining sales. People are highly critical and expect many things from a website and when it doesn’t live up to expectations they move on. If your competition’s website is more user friendly and visually pleasing, they are more likely to gain the business that you should have had.

When designing a website, the visual design and user experience are both of the utmost importance, along with SEO which ensures that your website is seen and traffic is driven to it. If your website isn’t generating the sales that you expected then there is something wrong with either the website design, website user experience, SEO, or all three of these areas.

Don’t panic, at Green Arrow Consultancy we can help. We have worked with clients in the past who have commissioned someone to design them a website, which cost them good money, but after it went live it never generated the sales they expected and it is deemed useless. Usually the problem is that after spending their budgeted amount on a website, the end product might look visually pleasing, but it isn’t pulling in the expected traffic and therefore isn’t helping them make those all-important sales.

Full Website Development and Consultancy, Trusted by Brands you know

We can provide your business with the full service that is also trusted by companies you know. Firstly, we will look at studying your current website. We will see where it is failing and then discuss with you our recommendations on what could be done to take your website from a failing site to the website that you originally dreamt of.

After highlighting your options going forward, which doesn’t always mean you need to start from the beginning and create a new website, or even have a new web design. When we work on a project we will always be honest and give our clients the best value for money. In some cases, you might be just looking at a few quick fixes, but in other cases it can be a more painstaking job, which will require a bigger budget to be spent. Our goal is to always give our clients a results measured service.

We will look at the website user behaviour. This data will change constantly. We will examine exactly what your visitors do while on the website and also look at what actions they take after going through to the home page.

Next we will study the analytics that your site generates. This is when we look at who visits your website, how they got there, what they did once they landed there, and where they went afterwards.

Everyone Has Heard of SEO

Lastly, everyone has maybe heard of SEO, but this doesn’t mean that we are all making the most of using it. If your website isn’t ranking as highly as you expected, we will look at drastically improving your visibility and aim to drive more traffic to your site, which should generate more sales for your business.

So, if you have a website that just isn’t working for you, don’t give up. Get in touch with us at Green Arrow Consultancy. We will be more than happy to help find the root cause of any website problems you are currently receiving.