User Engagement is True Success

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SEO is a Starter, User Engagement is True Success

In the early days of the search engine ranking your website was far simpler than it is today.
With the continual rise of mobile technology and social media, the consumer is constantly connected and has the ability to research and find a wide range of information within seconds.

Business Surviving in a Digital World

To survive in today’s business world all businesses, not just the big corporate companies, need to engage with their users in order to succeed.

Everyone has heard of SEO, which is great, but SEO on its own isn’t enough. All businesses large and small need to understand and react to the way its users understand and use the company’s website. Your SEO has got your website ranking high on Google, but what comes next?

After you have your page ranking high the next step to a successful website is to ensure that it performs well for visitors and reads well on search engines. Your customers expect a great and easy to use experience when visiting a website, regardless of what device they use. How your company’s website appears and its ease of use on all of these devices can have a big impact on if they come back and visit your site again.

Website User Behaviour, Understanding a Website User

User behaviour does influence how you gain sales or new clients and if you want your website to stay at the top of your industry sector you need to ensure that your business remains visible online view SEO, however you can’t expect to keep increasing  you business success if you do not understanding user behaviour.

Your websites user behaviour data will change constantly. Over time users become better at using search engines and find more productive ways to find the information they require. That’s why you’ve got to know not only the power behind key words, but what users do whilst they are visiting your website. What exactly are your visitors doing on the website? What actions do they take after going through to the home page?
User experience is just as important as the visual look and design of your website. Remember, you can have the most fantastic looking website, but if users don’t know how to navigate the website to get the information that they require, they will move on, rendering your website useless.

The user experience is important for all businesses, but it is even more important for the more complex sites, businesses requiring online sales and start-up businesses on a tight budget who want their site to have longevity.

With the more complex sites the user experience matters because people need to be able to easily navigate their way through the website, therefore the website needs to be easy to understand. If your website is over complicated first time users won’t come back and re-visit your site and you will be losing business.

Keep Website Design and Development Simple

One of the most complex websites are those that involve on-line sales. These sites need to be clear and easy to navigate, making a secure purchase easy for the user. If you over complicate these websites users become confused and tend to then go elsewhere, losing you customers and giving your competitors an advantage over you.

User experience is key for small and start-up businesses too because their website is the first impression a potential customer has of them. This is important, as first impressions count and help direct future traffic and business towards you.

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