Working together with digital agencies

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As a business, there will likely come a time when you have to employ outside agencies in order to improve your online presence. Many companies find that they need outside experts to come in and assist them with everything from website usability analysis to creating a more effective social media campaign. Although both the company and the digital agency are working together in order to create an improved business, sometimes it can be very difficult to work with each other, and to understand what each needs in order to be mutually satisfied.

Why Use Green Arrow Consultancy for Web Agency Assistance

Why employing digital agencies can go wrong?

Large businesses in particular seem to find it very difficult to work together with external agencies and, in particular, with digital agencies. The large company often finds that they struggle to communicate with the agency, and vice versa, until both feel that the other is talking a completely different language to their own. Often, the complication is caused by a lack of understanding of different terminologies, so that the business thinks that they are asking for something in particular, but are using words which in fact relate to something else. The digital agency believes that they are filling the company’s request, but ends up producing something which is very different. Sometimes it is even just a simple matter of tone, so while traditional marketing messages tended to be very passive, more modern digital marketing can believe in more active engagement with the customer.

Why effective communication is so important

When your business starts to talk to digital agencies, you will be communicating what the business needs, and often you will have very little understanding of the terminology which the agency will use. Explaining what your company needs to digital agencies can be complicated unless it is done in plain English. Therefore, setting some goals can be vital.

Set out objectives

The first step in helping a digital agency to see what you need is to be clear about why you are asking them to work with your company. What do you hope to achieve by employing some of them outside? Do you need better SEO? Or require assistance with social media? By being clear about the reasons why you are talking to them, you will help to make your needs plain.

Create a plan of action

When you are communicating with the agency, it is a good idea to work with them to create a plan of action that will outline what the agency intends to do for you. This is a good place to check that the agency probably understands what you want. Define the nature of the work, agree a briefing process, and outline how you will measure results.

Use a third party to communicate

If you find that you and the digital agency are still struggling, and are concerned about the end result of the work, it can be a good idea to employ a neutral third party who understands digital agency jargon, and business jargon, and can therefore create a common ground between you and the freelance agency.

Why Use Green Arrow Consultancy for Web Agency Assistance