Better Productivity with Mindfulness in the Workplace

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What is mindfulness?

You may have heard of it, as it appears everyone is doing it from Google to the Cabinet Office and Transport for London. Mindfulness is a form of meditation and a mental state that is achieved by focusing on the present moment in time. With its origins in Buddhism, mindfulness has been around for thousands of years, but has more recently been formalised into the therapies that are more commonly known as CBT, MBCT and MBSR. This means that you don’t need to be practicing Buddhism or be a spiritual person to practise mindfulness techniques.

Deal with Work Stress in a Better Way

Mindfulness is a training of our minds and body. It also asks us to pay attention to the world surrounding us. It teaches us to recognise that our thoughts come and go and that we can choose how we respond to situations that arise, although it will will not stop situations from happening within the workplace, but it will help individuals deal with stress in a better way.

Mindfulness in a Busy World

With many of us leading busier lives and sometimes there doesn’t feel like enough hours in the day to get everything done. We spend time rushing from one task to another and we are not concentrating as fully as we should do. Many of us admit to not remembering recent conversations we have had with others, we may have read through an article, but actually skimmed through it and therefore not really picked up on the vital details, we spend more time looking at our phones than conversing with our family and friends and certain aspects of our daily lives go by with us having no real recollection of it happening at all.

If any of the above sounds familiar, the chances are you are not fully concentrating on the tasks that you do throughout your day and you are frequently on autopilot.

Mindfulness can Help in all Areas of Your Life

Mindfulness can give you the power to live life by making small changes in your thinking which could have a major effect on the way you live your life, enabling you to focus your attention and to realise you have the option to make wiser choices in the present moment.

Mindfulness Makes a Better Workplace

Organisation’s are now beginning to see the importance of mindfulness in the workplace and how it can help bring about a more productive, creative and happier environment for people to work in. Happy, motivated people who are less stressed and anxious can create real value to a company and can help organisation’s reach their goals and achieve success.
Anyone can practice mindfulness techniques anywhere.

You just need to find a quiet place where you feel comfortable and at ease. This could be on your own or in a group setting. You can spend some time in your lunch hour or in an evening, you just need to find a spare quarter of an hour or more in your day, although you will need to have patience and be persistent. Once you have, many people find that mindfulness meditation helps relieve the pressure and gives them a new perception on life.

If you are an employer of a large or small company, I would recommend that you look into mindfulness as a way of your employees distressing and giving them a focus and a way of dealing with the daily workload and stresses that come with any form of employment.

The benefits to your workforce can include improvements to their physical and mental health and finding better ways to manage stressful and emotional situations. For employers, this means more productive employees and reduced sickness and absenteeism.

Some do remain sceptical and believe that mindfulness is just the latest in a line of different fads or they just don’t understand what mindfulness is and the benefits. I put it to you to give it a try and let us know your thoughts.

It’s important to state that Myself (Darren Tyler), and Green Arrow Consultancy (as a business) are not qualified to give Mindfulness training, this article is really just me trying to spread the word for Mindfulness and the way it can help in your business.